SUDAN CAFFE | The process
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The process

1chiccospace2 We Import

Unroasted coffee from the best plantations in the world, with particular attention to the selection and continuity of our coffees. Every single lot is first sampled, roasted, tasted and analysed before being added to our blends.

2chiccospace2 We Roasts

Our coffee with a rotating drum machine in different ways depending on where it comes from with set times. This diversification allows us to enhance the organoleptic qualities and taste of every single origin. This means the different Arabica coffees, which are the basis of our blend, can implement their aromas and greater sugar content with a lower caffeine content.

The best Robusta qualities, which we use minimum quantities of, give our blend the body and cream required for an excellent Italian-style expresso.

3chiccospace2 We Cool

Our coffee by air in order to maintain the aroma. Following a further selection process, we leave the product for at least 72 hours in large silos where the roasted coffee matures and develops an unmistakeable fragrance and flavour.

4chiccospace2 We Mix

the single quantities together carefully and accurately in order to create our three bar blends that are diverse in taste depending on the needs of our clients. They all maintain excellent quality which is the characteristic of our coffee.

5chiccospace2 We Pack

Our coffee after a final check by our technical office. It is packed into 1kg bags.

6chiccospace2 We Grind

Our three bar blends and pack them into vacuum-sealed 250g bags to preserve their aroma for our clients who wish to enjoy Caffè Sudan at home or in the office, using a moka or expresso machine for domestic use.